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Frequently asked questions

Which class best suits me?

All of the our classes are suitable for all levels. Please let the teacher know before the class starts if you have any serious medical condition, injury, illness or even just simple things like your energy level for the day. Our teachers are understanding, if you do not wish to be challenged, just let the teacher know. Hands-on adjustment will also be given, meaning the teacher will come and adjust your posture, if you do not which to be touched or corrected, you are welcome to let the teacher know in-person or discretely through a text message, no questions asked and no explanations are required. But if you like to share your journey, our teachers will hold space for you to express.


Please also let the teacher know if you are pregnant. 
If you are unsure which class to choose, please contact us via email and drop us a line. We are happy to support you in your choice of class and answer any questions you might have.


Can I book a private class?

We are happy to take on bookings for private classes, house calls or even corporate bookings. We can tailor make the class according to your needs and work on through your individual progress. Private class students enjoy our full attention and dedication to guide them trough their personal yoga practice. 
Private classes can also be booked for family yoga, events, etc. Please contact us directly for bookings and more information.


Can I book/cancel my class any time?

We all enjoy to have freedom and choice. NamasteWithHwee is a community where we treat each other with respect and appreciation of their time and effort. Therefore we have established some booking and cancellation policies. Bookings of classes can be made at any time until 10 minutes before the class starts, however NamasteWithHwee reserve the right to cancel classes when there are not enough sign ups, as teachers salaries and studio rental cost has to be covered. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

For Cancellation from the student side:


For group Yoga class at Botanic Gardens & Yoga/Reiki Healing class on Zoom, you are able to cancel your class booking without any charges or loss of classes from your Class Package up until twenty four (24) hours prior to class commencement time for all classes. Should you not cancel class before this time, or simply not show up for the class, a class will be deducted from your active Class Package or single class purchase.

For Yoga class at Tampines Park which is a term course, no changes or cancellation allowed. You are welcome to make up your missed session with Zoom (Yoga & Reiki Healing) or Botanic Garden class if you inform the teacher of your absence one week in advance.


For events of soundbath & reiki healing, no changes or cancellation allowed at all. You are allowed to transfer your spot to someone else to attend on your behalf.

For Kirtan events, its a community event & complimentary, you are allowed to cancel anytime through the system or Email/WhatsApp. We appreciate that you to cancel your registration regardless of how late it may be. Cancellation helps us to gauge the amount of food to prepare and who to expect coming.



What is the rain policy for outdoor classes?

As some of our classes are conducted outdoors and Singapore is known for having u predictable weather, we shall follow these rules:
- One hour before class, teachers will check the weather app and in the event of lighting / rain warning, class will be cancelled and a rebooking code valid for one week will be issued within 24 hours after cancellation of class. The teacher will also announce through WhatsApp groupchat.

- In the event that teachers decide to conduct class, if there is a light drizzle or rain is expected to stop before class start, no refund issued.

- In event that it rains during class and the teacher has to cancel during the class, situation will be evaluated by the teacher and based on the comfort of the students, no refund issued.


What is the location of Botanic Garden class?

We are having class around Eco lake of the Botanic Gardens Bukit Timah side (not Tanglin side). Take Exit A of Botanic Gardens MRT and enter the main gate (along Bukit Timah Road) and look for the Visitor Service Center. We are usually on the grass patch in front of the Visitor Service Center.

Where is the nearest car park for Botanic Garden class?

The nearest carpark would be at Cluny Park Gate, you may follow this google map


What is the location for Tampines Park?

Tampines Park, behind the HDB Block 150 that is across the road from Century Square

- Address: Block 148 Tampines Ave 5, Singapore 521148

Parking is also in the same location.


- Nearest toilet: About 4 mins/400m away at Century Square or Coffee shop at HDB block 144

     -> Century Square address:

          2 Tampines Central 5, Singapore 529509

     -> Coffee Shop address : 144 Brew Kopi

          Tampines Street 12, Block 144, Singapore 521144


What do I need to bring for class?

For outdoor class (Tampines Park/Botanic Garden), please bring yoga mat, face towel and water bottle. You may also need insect repellent.


How to prepare for zoom yoga?

You will need yoga mat, yoga blocks (optional), face towel, water bottle, small cushion as knee pad. Electronics (laptop, bluetooth speaker/earbud or best to connect to TV): make sure devices have enough battery to last through the class.

Position the camera of your device in a manner that the teacher can see both you and your mat.


How to prepare for reiki healing on zoom?

You will need Bluetooth speaker or earphone for better sound experience. There is no need to turn your camera on. However, if the teacher does not know how you look like, you will need to send a picture of yourself through Email/WhatsApp before the class start or turn your camera on for a while to let the teacher see you.

Before class, please relieved your bladder. Find a quiet location where you may not be disturbed for the full hour of the session. Lock your doors or inform your family that you need a quiet time for an hour, turn your devices to silent mode to prevent any disturbance during the class. Turn off all lights to have a conducive environment as if you are preparing for sleep. Prepare a towel or eye mask to cover your eyes. Make sure your device has enough battery to last through the session.


During class, be in a very comfortable position ready for lying down/sleeping. You should be in a quiet and conducive space where you will be undisturbed.

You may hang up the call immediately after class to sleep right after the class.


If you have any more questions, please contact us. Thank you.

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