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Yoga Testimonials

Enjoyed every session with Hwee who is patient and encouraging with newbies like my husband & I. She’s also observant and attentive to each and everyone of her students. She's a true master!

Amy P., 66 years old

jade q.jpg

Hwee always a dedicated yoga coach; be it a one-to-one or group session. Her teaching method is good and encouraging. Every session is such a therapeutic one with like minded students became friends.

Jade Q., 44 years old


Manaki H., 32 years old



Manabu O., 39 years old

Look forward to our morning yoga at the botanical gardens every week. The place is lovely, totally immersed in the beauty of Mother Nature. Hwee is a very experienced yoga instructor who patiently explains and goes round to correct each of our posture. She will also suggest variations to tailor the postures to each of our body's needs and ability. Even my daughter looks forward to joining the class whenever there is term breaks! Thanks Hwee for the amazing sessions!

Angie C., 52 years old


Loved our first Hatha yoga session Hwee, and since then always looking forward to your session to sweat out and discover our hidden muscles within us. Keep up the sweat!

Henry T., 69 years old

These Yoga sessions are professionally conducted and easy to follow. Hwee is able to modify the poses for each individual, making her classes suitable for anyone to attend.

Reiki healing was surprisingly good, especially since it was on Zoom! Only a handphone and headphones are needed. Lying down on my bed and listening to the soothing sounds of the healing tones put me in a very calm and peaceful state, which I needed very much. It's like listening to a guided meditation on YouTube, but even better because it's live, personalised and interactive. I had a deep, restful sleep after the session.

Jayan R., 28 years old


Hwee is an amazing instructor and a very genuine person! Hwee pays special attention to every student in her classes, and very professional in helping us to get optimal alignment for each Yoga pose. I truly enjoy her class and always looking forward to Sundays to attend the classes in Botanic Garden!

Apart from Yoga, Hwee also shares her personal life experiences and wisdom during our small chit chat at times, which truly gave me enlightenment and I always feel refreshed after chatting with her/attending her class! Highly recommended!

Sin Wuei, 29 years old

Hwee is an amazing instructor, a generous, nice, kind, patient, caring, encourage and friendly person. I'm been attending Reiki healing for almost 5 months with her. I attended her Reiki healing session at YIC, Mindful Movement @ Woodleigh, Breathing Space @ Hillview, Dance Channel Studio and Online platform. I also went to her Hatha Yoga lesson @ Botanic Garden.
I love to attend her Reiki Healing Session at Breathing Space @ Hillview. Gave me a lot of positive energy, cozy, comfortable, sensation and quite easy to turn into meditation mode.
It's my 1st experience on Online Distance Reiki Healing Session. I wondering how to be distance reiki healing and a lot of questions in my mind. With her guide, it's worked for me.
I'm always looking forward to her session as can give me a peaceful, calm, energy, refresh and clear mind. And also, I always have a different experience with it.
When I felt anxious and sad, she will message me personally and check on me. I'm felt touched and appreciated it. I place my trust in her. I would like to give you a big "Thank You" to you, Hwee!
Last but not least, I'm highly recommended her.

Caiyan T., 36 years old

Chen Caiyan.jpeg

I was able to see and feel the impact right away after having my private healing session with Hwee Hwee. She can convey messages such as what my underlying issues are. I felt my soul, body and mind were really relaxed and blessed during the session. 
Hwee Hwee is a powerful, energetic and loving healer. I always enjoy the healing time with her. Trust me, she can help you to nourish your life!!

Misuzu T.

I'm so thankful I have chosen Hwee's classes. From the first minute I joined I felt an intense energy of truth and integrity. I have learned so many things about myself throughout the sessions.
I joined other Reiki classes, but Hwee's classes are a totally different experience. Hwee is amazing.

Kirsten H.

geraldine Ang.jpg

Hwee is an amazingly generous person. The first time we met, I already knew we had a connection. She is not only generous in helping heal us with reiki, but she is also generous in sharing her knowledge and her kindness.
We had a one to one session where she gave me an amazing reiki session. I’m still sometimes a bit skeptical (learning to accept what I can’t see) but every time after I meet her, I feel a sense of relief, like at least some of my worries have been lifted off.
During the reiki sessions, I always feel her genuinely helping me and giving me good energy and vibes. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking reiki one on one.

Geraldine A., 35 years old

Like the title of the her page. Do not be shy to drop by this lady's class! She's going to give you a warm welcome. I actually came her to class just for curiosity's sake and I came out being refresh and much more in-tuned with myself. Because of her class I gain more insights to self-love and more self-awareness to proceed on this spiritual journey.
Her sessions always have a message for me and more often than not it's actually pretty accurate and what I needed to hear at the moment. I'm honestly really thankful for her sessions can looking forward for she holds space for me to be myself (as I love to sing!).
She also provides insights and advices even after sessions like how a friend would and it's really comforting and caring of her to do so.

Jacqueline C.


Hwee has a special gift for reiki. She is unassuming preferring others to make sense of their reiki experience first before offering any advice. Highly recommend her 😊💕🙏🏼

Lee Carsley, Founder of Wanderingyogilee

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