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A salt scrub for the body that helps to cleanse & detox your energy body. Cleanse off what no longer serves you!

Handmade with natural Himalayan Salt, Organic virgin Coconut oil & Young Living's essential oil + Reiki Charged!
These are fine Himalayan Salt so it’s gentle on the skin!

Good for days that you feel tired & drained or when you feel lost & down in life.

Benefit of it:
- Cleanse your energy body
- Remove the energy that are not yours (energy that you picked from others)
- Release any thing that no longer serves you
- Uplift your mood
- Exfoliate your skin
- Moisture your skin

How to use it?
Use it as a body scrub in the shower on wet skin and rinse off. It may replace regular body wash.
(Use it on the body, not the face, neck, sensitive areas or open wound).
Use it daily or whenever you feel "off".

Get yours now for $46 and enjoy free shipping (worth $4.50) within Singapore for a limited time only!
This is also hand-Reiki so while stock last :)

Bottle content: 500g (approximately).

Reiki Energized Himalayan Salt Scrub

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 500grams of salt in glass bottle

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